Oh god, take a look at me with all my corn chips
With a love for their rounded shape, it's becoming like obsession
I bite firmly into the edge, it crunches loudly only for me
I'm eating too fast for me, if this keeps up, no more chips there will be.

A salty, crunchy mess in the fearsome eating machine
Of my mouth, to give it anything less would be mean
And I welcome you chips into the real hell, my endless tummy
Scream all you want, you'll be digested with the rest, my nummy...

Close the bag, do you see why?  I must end this forever snack
You are now my only food, and into the cabinet, I must put you back
Searching in the dark, searching for the door
Finally I find it, but I can't help but to have one handful more

I pity you, tortilla, I pity you, fritos, I pity you, doritos most of all
Screaming as my teeth crush you apart, but who will answer your call?
I would merely ask them over and over, "hey, want some chips?!"
No, my chips, I own you now - close your bag, I'm off to buy some dip

-dan '96

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