She Believes She's Cummings
 and she believes that is her 
 her, a poet, imagine that 
 she cant write 
 she cant even ape the style properly, ask anyone that knows 
 "anyone lived in a pretty how town 
 with up so floating many bells down" 
 that was him, much better than you 
 whether you are him or not doesn't matter 
 i know you for what you are and him you are not 
 no caps, see 
 no creative arrangement of paragraphs 
 just a piece of paper, some tripe from a pen 
 just a no-talent hack, some words on a screen 
 and someone else's style are all that you can be 
 if words and music 
 are your body and soul 
 then your soul is empty, 
 your body not whole 
 not cummings, 
 never never 
 you punctuate like him though 

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