My life really
   isn't all that bad 
   But I really 
   like to whine 
   'Cuz I really 
   dig on the pity 
       that I get from it 
   If you look, 
   you'll see that  
   If I looked, 
   I would see 
   that it looks 
   like I'm whining 
       and that I want your attention 
   So can I  
   please get it,  
   'cuz when I 
   do it encourages me, 
   and then I 
   keep on doing it 
       and my poetry still sucks 
   the world keeps 
   beating me down 
   but i keep 
   coming back around 
   and everyone keeps 
   telling me i'm a worthwhile person 
      but let me tell you 
   they're lying 
   and i know it 
   all of them lying 
   and i keep on telling them 
   i know they're lying 
   when they tell me 
      things really aren't that bad 
   and my poetry sucks 
   and has no merit 
   and i suck 
   and i will tell you this 
   everything about me sucks 
   and i keep on whining 
       until people feel sorry for me 
   will you read my book? 
   i know it sucks, 'cuz 
   i suck too, but you will  
   not be like the rest, you'll 
   be my friend, right?  you'll 
   encourage me, condone my 
   self-pity for the sake of 
   attention, won't you?  you'll 
   believe me when i say that 
   my life sucks, and that i hate 
    myself, but can do nothing 
    about either of them, right? 
    will you be my 
    i'm not above begging. 
    *poem ends with author sobbing* 

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