tasty tasty yum yum says my tummy tummy tum tum  
   as i gobble up (eat that is) the yummy yummy bubble gum  
   i chew chew chew; chomp; gobble it up good  
   my mouth happily tasting the happy tasty food  
   i have no idea where this is going  
   maybe i should write one instead based on boing  
   whoa, cool i'm suddenly dizzy  
   wacky, chaotic, my head's in a tizzy  
   ack.  now it hurts, it throbs my head does ache  
   and funny voices tell me there's stuff to break  
   i think i shall snap, and go on a spree  
   is there anyone out there who'd like to kill with me?  
   slaughter of the innocents is always such fun  
   darn that waiting period 'til i get a gun  
   bang; pow, and blammo too  
   that's what my gun says as i'm firing at you  
   "killing people just rules!" i scream  
   everything moves about me, slow as in a dream  
   everyone looks so shocked - though they've seen it before  
   i plug two kids as they run for the door  
   the cops show up outside, want me to come out  
   blow them fools away, there'll be more no doubt  
   oh how i love my jammy, my 9, my pistol - my gat  
   i love how it blows people away like they're no more than a rat  
   only one bullet left, i know who this is for  
   my only regret is that i didn't kill more  
   the barrel in my mouth, warm iron corroding  
   a pull of the trigger, my head exploding  
   -danarchy 1996