Following are some of my parodies of the poetry of others, and (where applicable) links to the originals. Unless specifically requested by the authors, the originals for parodies from local bulletin boards will not be posted (mostly 'cuz I don't have copies).
There are also one or two "Dan originals" in the bunch, but they aren't to be taken too seriously.

[All Men Must Die?!]
My most recent work, still in progress. I'm satisfied with 4 of these, but I feel that they all still need work. One or two may need complete rewrites.

[Lite Brite!]
Parody of Overlord's poem about lights.

[Corn Chips]
Bad gothic love poetry = yucky. Corn chips = delicious. I believe that the original author went by the handle "Dreams of Death."
Update! 2/3/2001 - While going through some of my voluminous cache of old files this evening I came across a couple of additional parodies of this same person's poems along with the originals! I'm shocked and thrilled.
Presented for your amusement:
[The Damned/The Yams]
More adolescent gothic poetry meets the sharp blade of my parody. Once again, the parody has something to do with food. It seems to be a running theme for me.
This is probably the least funny of my parodies, but I've included it in order to try to keep things as complete as possible. The "very special creature" in the second was my pet (at the time), Biscuit, who was a 6+ foot red-tailed boa.

[Angst to the Extreme]
Actually, this is more of a parody of a collection of poems. It's one of my first. It makes fun elements common to just about every poem people were posting at the time.
And for extra gothiness the web version is in the extremely popular goth page colors - blue text on a black background!

A parody of a poem by a fellow who went by "Catnap." This guy had more problems than lack of poetic skill. Heh.

OK, this one is an original, I admit. My head was just really itchy.

[tv poem]
Too many people online think they can write like cummings. Actually, anybody can write like cummings. Most just can't do it very well (including me).

[she thinks she's cummings]
A parody of a poem by someone going by the handle "Kitarra." Ooh. This one got a bit nasty.

Another parody of a poem by Catnap. I don't have the slightest inkling what the original was, I'm afraid.

[my cop girlfriend]
A parody of a poem posted to the Twin Cities Darkside mailing list. The original author went by the handle "Paskow," I believe. The original poem in this one is quoted after the body of the poem.

[The Bunny Poem]
I think this one is an original that I just wrote to be mildly offensive somewhere or other. Please note that this was written in 1995 and certain members of the Twin Cities Darkside email list should not take offense.

[gum poem?]
Here's another original work. This one seems to have been written very late at night when I'd lost most of my coherency. Even so, it still makes me chuckle a bit. Don't take the last paragraph as a morbid death wish, please. The poem was written as a joke. This is directed at you, mom, if you ever see my site.


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