The damned 
 The silence is broken by a scream deep upon the night 
 Looking within the very eyes of the damned, such a beautiful sight. 
 A single drop of sweet, warm blood hits the frozen ground 
 For you now listen to death, oh, such a wonderful sound 
 Dressed in black; a cloak of soft velvet and silk 
 Skin, cold as the night, and white as pure milk 
 Tasting, upon his lips, the very blood that makes the dead live. 
 To love his darkness is your life to give 
 He is the damned, to live forever in an immortal hell. 
 To his dark god, his soul he once wished to sell. 
 Now he wishes for death to take him, and let him sleep. 
 For all who love him, is their death.  His kill is deadly and so very deep. 
 96Dec15 3:25 am from "Wild" Bill Catt
   The Yams 
 The kitchen stove is preheated to 420 this night 
 Waiting for a pizza, a very tasty sight 
 A single piece of the still-frozen cheese hits the ground 
 The click, the oven warm, such a beautiful sound 
 Pull the cardboard back, the pizza remains with a "schwoop and a hiss" 
 To the fridge, cold as the night, to get some skim milk 
 Smacking my lips, soon the very food that keeps an untalented cook alive 
 I want this all for myself, I hope no guests arrive 
 I am damned, I wait forever, despite the enticing smell 
 Watching the dark oven, if it would just be done my soul I would sell 
 How I wish for the timer to beep me, and let me eat 
 It rings finally, and the cutter slices, the crust so lovely and deep.