This place will be pretty small for the time being. As I go through all of my old files from the BBS'ing years, I'll add more of the stuff I thought was worth saving at the time and that I still feel has some merit now.

First are the Interzone ads - some of my personal favorites.

[Interzone Ad #1]
This is the first major Interzone ad. I think that Guile and I collaborated on this one, but it's pretty difficult to say because it was so long ago. It doesn't really matter anymore at this point. This is the ad, unchanged, as it would have appeared when I posted it on other BBS's. Notice anything missing?

[Interzone Ad #2]
This is the second Interzone ad that I made. Once again, I'm not really sure about the origins of it. I'm pretty sure that I did the high-tech ASCII art myself, but it's entirely possible that someone else did it and I just adapted it to my purposes. If you feel you're the original creator of this masterpiece, please feel free to mail me and take credit.
I should also give a little bit of background on this ad - I made either right before or right after I was kicked off a local BBS called "The Stomping Grounds" which at the time was being run by a user who called himself "Dave, Dude" who was dating an incredibly stupid girl (whose redeeming feature, apparently, was that she was a cute nymphomaniac). She had a tendency to post "Hi Dave" in the middle of other conversations where it made absolutely no sense to do so. I got annoyed with it and began beginning every post with "Hi Dave," which he didn't find amusing at all. For the record, Stomping Grounds was not Dave's board as a general rule. It was actually run by a guy who called himself Bigfoot. Sound familiar, gamers?

[Interzone Ad #3]
This is the third and final text-based Interzone ad that I could find. I'm pretty sure there were more, but unfortunately entropy has eaten them (unless some kind soul would like to send me some of the others). I had nothing to do with this ad. It was entirely written by Myrrh (whose name is preserved at the top of the post. However it does fulfill the requirements of an Interzone ad nicely.

[High Praise for Danarchy]
Believe it or not, even with my extremely gregarious nature, there are a number of people who don't like me. It seems, however, that for every 200-300 people that hate me, there's 1 weird freaky guy who just thinks I kick total ass. This is one such guy. This post from a fellow calling himself "Magnus Adept" jerks rapidly between coherency and delusional psychosis. Even so, I'm a sucker for ego-stroking.

[Neykomi Lee's Groundbreaking message #1]
[Neykomi Lee's Message to you #2]
For a while there was a truly unique and exuberant individual who called Death Cookie named Neykomi Lee (The South Dakota Kid). His semi-coherent babble quickly became an in-joke among Death Cookie users and one of the users, Guile, was very fond of posting the second of these messages everywhere. Somewhere I have more of his messages archived. As I unearth them, they will be added.

[Mr. and Ms. Bea Haivin']
[Mr. Taykin']
[Eats Too Much Jelly]
[Lord Soth]
While, of course I would never have dreamt of rugging out on other BBS's rumors abounded that I was 90% or more of the ruggies in the Twin Cities area and ruggies liked to brag to me about their exploits on various boards. Often transcripts of their rugging out found their way into my hands.
But of course I was not a ruggie!
Mr. and Ms. Bea Haivin' struck one of my ALL-TIME favorite BBS's, Paranor, the night before it went down for good. It had been in fortress mode for a while since the sysop, Allanon, did not care for my posting style or the posting style of Death Reaper. The board was going down because he didn't want to pay for the phone line anymore. For some reason, he took it out of Fortress mode its last evening up and some of those horribleruggies hit. Of course, I had nothing to do with it. I'm pretty sure I was out of town when this happened!
Mr. Taykin was very brief as the sysop was apparently watching the board when the ruggie called. The ruggie was a clever one, though, as he/she convinced the sysop to chat him and then hung up in chat which often would throw a Citadel into an endless loop and require the system to be rebooted. Again, I know nothing about this.
Eats Too Much Jelly hit a few BBS's in his time. AGAIN, I was in no way a part of this ruggish behavior!. This is one of the very first instances when he was still unsure of himself and learning his way around. He's one of my all-time favorites and still makes appearances on occasion. To this date, he hasn't learned when to stop eating jelly before his enormous distended belly feels as though it's about to burst. Sometimes he eats Peanut Butter to excess at well. He's quite stupid, really.

[Sex in the 90's]
[More of Sex in the 90's]
Sex in the 90's was a good example of Death Cookie at its finest. It was a fairly insipid networked room in which people boasted of their sexual prowess and flirted with each other. The wonderful users of the Death Cookie fixed it all and made it a fairly insipid networked room in which people were constantly at each other's throats. It was a vast improvement. When I think of "the good ol' days," it's this sort of thing that comes to mind.
The second is a bit of the fallout from the room. Someone captured and sent me some of the discussion about DC. I always think it's funny to read through the "quality posts before DC" and people whining about how immature the room has become since we improved it.

[God - the religious discussion room]
This was Death Cookie's attempt at a serious discussion of religion. It actually worked out pretty well before it really started to suck.

[The Top Ten Room]
My sad admission that Death Cookie did occasionally have some of the same stupid concept rooms that were on pretty much every other BBS in existence. I think it was carried off better and with far more humor value than most of the other BBS's, though. Also it's some of th e only stuff I have archived in which my weird friend Lemon ScenteD posted. We lost contact after some fights, but he's a friend I'd like to talk to sometime (and I'd also like to chat with KK again sometime).

[Proof that I was not universally revered]
I suppose instead of just showing the posts which exalt me as a higher form of life I should include some of the posts from the people that didn't like me as much. This is another post from a Paranor user who didn't appreciate my effervescent personality.

[The Death Cookie's Hitlist room]
One of the rooms on Death Cookie that was (for some reason) archived.

[Death Cookie GIF Ad #1]
[Death Cookie GIF Ad #2]
Death Cookie was all about the inaccurate, misleading, and completely incomprehensible ads. I think these were both made by Guile, but I might be wrong.