50/50....... Danarchey Kicks ass!!
Name........ Magnus Adept #103 @30301
Date........ Fri Dec 08 17:23:11 1995

    Ya we hate'em(I love the jerk!). Iv posted here and will continue. 
I wanna ask all of you this.
yes dan is A) a jerk and B) He's a jerk
 a2+b2=c2 Ya shove old danarchey into a center of a triagle and he will
complete all three sides. What does this mean? Well dan is like a square
only he's only half a square, Or should a say not all oars are rowiing the
same direction. The point! Aaa yes! What make Dan great?! HE IS THE
ARCHITYPE of Ruggyness. No one person that I could think of will cause more
emotional crisises, outrage and down-right high post ration then Dan.
If I ever get a BBS going, He's gonna be the first person I let on!!
Then 1/3 of all incomming posts will be about Dan. And cause there mad and
wanna put there 2 cents worth it will snow ball cause people to call
daily. Ya may hate the guy, but BBS'n would be boreing without Dan there to
make us feel something. And if people move you, they bring life! Life to
the boards. Think about that.