94Nov13 5:23 am from Neykomi Lee
I WON!!!  I won my case with Super America!  I now get the Unemployment 
Comensation to the tune of $1500 in back pay, and $200 a wk thereafter.  I am 
so lucky I had computers, all of my informtion that went towards my case was 
saved on the puter as they happened.  Dates, times, witnesses, ect...and then 
I simply printed a 29 page report and used it for evidence, it was so damaging 
to SA I have been told by Job Service of MN to go after them Civilly in the 
case of Unlawful Termination, and Defimation of Charachter.  I am in the 
process of doing that next. 

Super America contended that I abandoned my job, and was on the schedule to 
work, when I was holding a tape recording of the manager saying that I was 
fired for a "lack of Job performance".  All the "write ups" were after my 
accident on 7-20-94 were I was thrown from a truck that rolled over, and had 
restrictions placed on me, and the manager wanted me out because I had these 
restrictions, in an attempt to get me to quit, he moved me to nights, and 
while stocking I reinjured myself from the accident, when I asked for the 
Workers Compensation papers, I was told NO, and then fired.  The Manager is 
new to SA and did not know that the area manager does the firing no the 
manager of the store.  BUT, I have him on tape!  He is in a bad possition. 

Finaly, the Area Manager at the hearing stated that I was employed with the 
company one month after my last day worked.  The company hadnot been givin my 
termination files, and that left me on the companies payroll as INACTIVE. When 
I filed for Unemployment the area manager said "At that time, we fired him, 
and that is company policy".  I can't believe he said that!  SA policy is to 
fire employees when they file for Legal benifets from the State of MN???  I do 
believe I got enough to go for the pain and the duffering, as well as the lost 
wages for that month, and the lost wages up to this day, as I was Assistant 
Manager training at the time, and had a good future with the company.  I am 
talking to one lawyer now, but does anyone know pof a GOOD lawyer in the Labor