95Apr26 5:51 pm from Lazarus
I've killed the Sex in the 90's room. 

   95Apr27 4:02 pm from Stak
Why the hell did you do that? It was the only message base thingy I posted 

   95Apr27 6:04 pm from Lazarus
It was overrun by a buncha losers with nothing more worthwhile in their lives 
to do than flame people they don't even know a thousand miles away. Any folks 
that consider this sport are truly sick puppies. I got tired of it, so I 
dropped-kicked that room into the bit bucket. 

   95Apr28 6:01 am from Stak
where your users tired of it? 

   95Apr28 6:35 am from Lazarus
Yes, I got several complaints in mail. I'm not bringing the room back. 

   95Apr28 3:20 pm from B.M.W.
 The room was just starting to get better.  As with Stak, that 
was the only room I posted in also. 

   95Apr28 10:50 pm from Lazarus
What you guys didn't see was the slew of messages I deleted the day before I 
killed the room. It definitely took a turn for the worse, and I was about fed 
up with it anyway. But if you want to set up a Citadel and carry the room 
yourself, go right ahead. I'll even give you the software and show you how to 
set it up. 

   95Apr29 9:15 am from Binkley
I, for one, second Laz's action.  The room had digressed terribly from its 
original intent and was really not worth looking at.  Had he not killed it, I 
most likely would have Z'd it.  Laz is the sysop here and it is his decision 
to make. 

   95May01 1:15 pm from Lazarus
 A few days ago, I sent this to K-9, who runs the Doghouse (it's called  
 Doglink for networking purposes). We get all our networked rooms from  
   95Apr26 5:50 pm from Lazarus to K-9 (on Doglink) 
 I've killed the Sex in the 90's room, so please delete it from our  
 shared room list. The whole room was just overtaken by a buncha rude  
 After I sent that, K-9 sent out this.... 
   95Apr30 12:59 pm from K-9 @ DogLink _ MN to sysop 
 Other recipients: sysop @Expressway  
                  sysop @jacs _ NJ  
                  sysop @the abbey _ FL  
                  sysop @The HUB  
 I don't like the way things have deteriorated in the "Sex in the 90s"  
 room. The language has gotten a bit out of hand for me to carry as a  
 private room and additionally the room has slimed to the point it has  
 no value. I would hope that the sysops that are allowing the putrid  
 postings from Asshole and the Hate Club, et al would put a leash on  
 things. I haven't seen such immature behavior since I last visited a  
 kindergarten class, no, let me take that back, they were actually well  
 I have rarely legislated behavior or language but I think even my limit  
 has been reached. I would like your reaction in that your the ones I  
 share it with. Depending on what you have to say I may choose to drop  
 the room. 
 And I replied.... 
   95May01 from Lazarus to K-9 (on DogLink _ MN) 
 About Sex and the 90's - you already know what I think. If you dump it,  
 I'll shed no tears. I never thought I'd see the day when I'd feel that  
 way about a whole room, but it has come to that. I held on to the room  
 for a long time after it began sliding, hoping that weaker minds would  
 grow bored and move on, but no such luck...to kill the room now would  
 be an act of mercy. 
 BTW, I was surprised you didn't include sysop@Death Cookie in your cc:  
 list about the room. That's where most of the spew was coming from. Or  
 did you save something special for Danarchy?