95Oct01 11:39 pm from Lord Soth
  niCE TrY, jELlo man!  pOST bETter aGAIN.  YeeAh.  AnYWAy, I'm bored.  YOu 
All areN'T dOing a veRY goOd job of AMUSinG ME.  HelL, fuNNy capiTALIzatiON 
IsN'T EVEN doInG A Very GooD joB toNIgHT! 

   95Oct02 12:08 am from Thrash
I still want your body soth 

   95Oct02 8:33 am from Lord Soth
   OK.  i KNow THE feeLInG.  I wAnT MY bodY TOo. 

   95Oct02 1:59 pm from Thrash
you don't seem to get the hint... you don't unserstand 

   95Oct02 2:25 pm from Larson
no thrash, he's just scared. 

   95Oct02 2:57 pm from CyberBob
no one wants me. waaaaaah! 

   95Oct02 3:46 pm from Beppo
You actually want people to want you? 

   95Oct02 4:18 pm from Lord Soth
   I would want you more if you weren't human. 

   95Oct02 5:49 pm from Mojo
my soul yawn's at this pathetic display of chest puffing...(ask larson he 
knows)  (larson in the back ground: Why do you always refer them to me to 
explain all this shit?) 

   95Oct02 7:35 pm from Laquinton
hmm, some poetry for a change...lemme try... 
 I cry through the night 
 searching for what is right 
 I look inside myself 
 checking the tallest shelf 
 Looking behind the closed doors 
 Checking under the floors 
 but I just can't seem find, 
 In all the corners of my mind 
 My eternal living soul 
 My heart, like a black hole 
 I look around in space 
 far away I resume the chase 
 Somethign catches my eye 
 I look to see, how hard I try 
 It is a woman, of endless wonder 
 Could she be her? this I ponder 
 this be her? this I ponder 
 Running through doors long locked 
 finding new things, the arrow is nocked 
 I let it fly, my love inside 
 and I wait for it, they cannot part,  
 for I love not with my eyes 
 but see with my heart... 
-JCT 10/2/95 

   95Oct02 8:43 pm from Mekere
THat was a wonderful poem:)   :) 

   95Oct02 9:49 pm from Thrash
Don't be scared soth, I won't hurt you *that bad 

   95Oct02 10:44 pm from Lord Soth
  i fly ThroUGh tHe NIGHT 
  seaRchinG wItH All my miGht 
  I loOk upoN MY sHeLf 
  tRyINg to AmUSe MySeLf 
  I conSIDer rENting whoRES 
  buT I jUsT ClEaned ThE FloOrs 
  BuT I wouldn'T rEaLlY mINd 
  IF ONly I couLD fInD 
  someoNe TO buY mY sOuL 
  FOr a COuple Of qUartERS to pAy the tOLl 
  i BUY A can Of mACe 
  But i GEt soME in mY EYe 
  I TRY to See bUT it HUrTs, oH my! 
  I FaLl, aNd WaKE, aNd lOOK WITh wONDeR 
  fOr iT iS a wOmAN ThaT i AM uNDeR 
  OH wHaT fun comes fROm tHiS BlUNDEr! 
  IT's a GoOD THING i HADN't WALKed 
  'CUz NOw I ThiNK it's TiMe to get RockEd! 
  i pEEp LIke A Tom aT the sTuFf inSide 
  ANd i waIT PatiENtLy UntIl THeY part 
  For NOW, lOVIng oNLy With My EYeS 
  -D. 'Archy 10/02/95 

   95Oct02 10:44 pm from Lord Soth
  THAT waS A woNDErFul PoeM, LORD SOth:) ... 
  vERY Full Of FeelINg, FuLL of MoOD, FULL OF SymbolS.  damn, YOu'rE SMOotHE. 

   95Oct02 11:11 pm from cesare somnambulist

   95Oct03 8:47 am from Lord Soth
   BTW, LaQuINton.  pOndER And wOnDer, thOUGH tHEY LOOk SimILAr DON'T RhYMe 
VeRY WElL.   

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