Ben Stiller Show-related sound files

[Ask Manson 2] (2 meg.)
Charlie answers why the muffler on a 1954 Chevy would be making a hissing sound.

[Tony Bobbins 1] (2 meg.)
"When a girl breaks up with you it's like you're an insect or something. You're a fly and she's ripped off your wings. What we do at the Let Go clinic is give you the tools you'll need to grow those wings back, teach you to fly again, so you can buzz around and find her and burn her face with your noxious saliva. That's what the Let Go Clinic is all about."

[Tony Bobbins-Gary Coleman] (142k)
Gary Coleman's testimonial for the let-go clinic. Gary talks about burning his ex-girlfriend with his noxious saliva. This is a must-have file as far as I'm concerned.

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