Cold Dog Soup-related sound files

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[Cold Dog Soup 1] (1.22 meg.)
"So what are you gonna do with ol' Jasper?"

[Cold Dog Soup 2] (1.37 meg.)
"If you bury him he's just going to feed the worms, but if you sell him then maybe the most important part of his life is just beginning."

[Cold Dog Soup 3] (368k)
"Come on, man... You so dumb and so rich you can't use a little money?"

[Cold Dog Soup 4] (732k)
"Maybe there's a midget in the bag holding it up with a stick. Maybe it's just waiting for me to put down this gun so it can bash me."

[Cold Dog Soup 5] (2.94 meg.)
Randy Quaid's rant about time. It is a thing of beauty.

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