Kids in the Hall-related sound files

All sounds were sampled at 22,050 16-bit mono, but I have since resampled them down to 11,025 8-bit mono for download time reasons. The degradation is not too horrible, but if you'd like to see the larger versions, send me some mail.

[Bellini Speaks!] (27k)
From the very ending of the last episode.

[Christ - a Lousy Carpenter?] (340k)
The last bit of Dave Foley's monologue on Jesus Christ - great philosophical leader, but not a very good carpenter.

[Gavin at the Police Station 1] (17k)
"Are you a crook because you didn't eat your vegetables?"

[Gavin at the Police Station 2] (79k)
"I would like to register a complaint."
"But you're a kid."
"Yeah, but that's a different complaint."

[Gavin at the Police Station 3] (79k)
"Well, for example this one time this kid in my class pounded me with my own fist... my own fist... pretty ironic, eh?"

[Gavin at the Police Station 4] (119k)
Gavin would like to report one of those empty 'fridges with the door still on (It's in his kitchen).

[Gavin at the Police Station 5] (318k)
Gavin witnessed something horrific and unlawful - a guy who leaks.

[Gavin at the Police Station 6] (173k)
Gavin wonders about a guy leaking on a school bus full of children who are worth only 87 cents each.

[Gavin at the Police Station 7] (121k)
A couple of hours gives Gavin just enough time to explain how insects work.

[Sole Survivor 1] (128k)
"Right and wrong, those are just words. They don't mean anything when you look around you and all you can see is death... and all you can feel is the hunger. What would you have done?"

[Sole Survivor 2] (179k)
"We're not talking about a plane crash in the Andes here, sir. You never got off the runway. We're talking about a delay. You're the sole survivor of a 35 minute delay."
"35 minutes I will never forget!"

[Sole Survivor 3] (95k)
"You ate 112 of your fellow passengers. You could have eaten just one, but no, you ate a little bit of each passenger. Why?"

[Smokin' on a Night Train] (2.1 meg.)
This one is an mp3 of Mississippi Gary's hit song "Smokin' on a Night Train, Chewin' on a Jelly Roll.

[Satanism] (483k)
"You know all the guys upstairs are into Satanism, right?"

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