"Death to Videodrome! Long live the new flesh!"

Videodrome is without a doubt one of my favorite Cronenberg movies of all time. Not only is it a cool and weird movie, but it also has Deborah Harry before she was old and puffy-looking. Also something I've always appreciated about this movie is that even though Deborah Harry is in it there isn't a single song by Blondie in the soundtrack. Don't get me wrong. I like Blondie. I like Blondie a lot, but most of their music just wouldn't have been appropriate to Videodrome ("The time is nigh, and I've got the TV on/This show I'm watching will be number one/I'm not the kind of girl who has a gun for a hand" [to the tune of "Tide is High"]).
Anyway, it has a lot of things that make Cronenberg's movies so cool - a complete breakdown of reality and bio-mechanical weaponry. I like the ... uh... handgun in this movie about as much as I like the tooth-firing pistol in eXistenZ. Anyway...

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