The "Civic TV - the one you take to bed with you" jingle.

Nikki B. (Debbie Harry!) talking about how we live in overstimulated times.

Brian O'Blivion's first appearance in the movie. He explains why he will only appear on TV on a TV.

"Is Max Ren a menace to society?"
"I'm not sure, but he's certainly a menace to me."

Nikki's radio show - she's telling her caller to get professional help.

Nikki finds Max's tape of Videodrome. "It's not exactly sex..."

Nikki "Take out your swiss army knife and cut me here... just a little."

Nikki reveals herself to be a bit of a masochist.

Max asks his underground movie making friend about Videodrome.

Max: "You know in Brazil, Central America, those kind of places making underground video is considered a subsersive act. They execute people for it. In Pittsburgh, who knows?"

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