Lately I've been keeping a notebook by my bed in which I've been recording any dreams that I remember when I wake up in the morning. For years I've thought of myself as a person who couldn't remember his dreams. I've read in some books on dreams that keeping a dream journal within reach is a good way of remembering dreams. For various reasons (none of them good, of course), I never got around to putting a notebook close enough to my bed that it would be useful.
Since I started, however, I've been thrilled at how vividly I remember my last dream of the night. I don't seem to remember any before that, but perhaps that will come with time.
In an attempt to make the webpage a little more personal I have decided to put my dreams online where anybody can read them. Besides, I'm sure the legions of Danarchy groupies on the internet will be delighted with this new feature of Maybe I just have a big ego, but I think at least a few people will find this interesting enough to read.
The dreams are presented as close as possible to how I wrote them down in the first place. My handwriting is terrible when I'm fully awake and it's much, much worse when I'm still half-asleep.
I'm also taking the liberty of editing myself a little bit. If I find any obscenely horrible spelling or grammatical errors I will probably change them. However if sentences just don't make sense and ideas are introduced in paragraphs that aren't fully explored, I'm not going to elaborate. You'll have to cope. Also some of the entries (especially the early entries) are very short. Deal with it.

Current entries online:
9/27/2000 (NEW!)
9/29/2000 (NEW!)

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