I had a wife and the president of the US was coming to stay with us. There was something having to do with his wife.

I was in St. Paul with Heather (?) and I saw Purple Jennifer who sked if I'd help her box some stuff. I think Martin was with her. It turned out to be an apartment belonging to Matt Rolfe which was decorated in garish, garish 70's colors. Numerous big makrers were hanging by the back door and people were using them to tag on one of the walls. Thaad's mother was there and there were a few dogs, a little friendly one and a couple of big, black friendly dogs. We sat in the awful 0's living room while others watched TV and I played with the dogs. Then we started helping Matt pack. He had a whole storeroom full of stuff including microscopes, remote controls, etc. Leonard Cohen was playing on the stereo and someone was commenting on how unforutnate it was that he'd spend most of his life in prison. And I imagined a young, angry Leonard Cohen sitting in his jail cell and writing "Everybody Knows" and refining his singing voice. Now that I'm more awake I'm puzzled. I didn't think he was ever in prison.