Don't ask me why but I was at a Reba McIntyre (sp?) concert with my mom and who I guess must have been my sister, but she looked nothing like my sister. It was in a very narrow place! After the show Reba (the opening act) was swarmed with autograph requests. When the line thinned a bit mom went up. A guy sat in her chair to watch the big screen TV across from us (narrow place-seating in front of the TV was in short supply). I asked him to move and he did. The Julianne Lee (sp?) showed up and we started talking about her life. She was talking about her wedding reception which had been held at a house with a backyard that smelled funny and was weirdly-fenced. I hadn't been to her wedding or reception (we were never good friends), but I knew the backyard well - as it was/is the backyard of my house (at least in the dream - in real life it was nothing like my house). A truly terrible version of "Ted, What Were You Thinking?" by Jane's Addiction was playing over the speakers. Some female singer was trying to make it a ballad! Yuck! Anyway, I told Julianne that the backyard no longer smelled funny and that I owned the house. She looked surprised and a bit disturbed.