A group of friends and I were planning on smashing a place up. I think this was a sequel to a dream I had some time ago. I don't remember what the place is, but at the end of hte first dream we decided not to do it because... I don't remember why. Anyway, we'd already bought the needed stuff (plain black clothing, ski masks, etc.) I had purchased a nice wooden baseball bat and was very excited about it. In this dream we decided again for some reason to destroy the place so we met at the house where we'd left all the supplies and got ready to go. As we left the house we were still dressed normally and we carried all of our goodies in a cooler or two so we looked like we were heading out to a picnic. Some scooters were parked by a fance and someone knocked one over. I picked it up and tried to prop it up again, but it kept tipping. Then I put it back exactly as I found it and it fell apart. The rest of the group hadn't stopped to wait for me and had made it to the van we were taking. I ran and caught up.