Frequently Asked Questions about the filters

0. Where do these filters come from anyway?
The first filter (The Miguel Filter, that is), came around because of a suggestion from Dan and Laurie's friend Christian. From there filters have been suggested by various people or conceived by Dan and Laurie. Most of the scripting was done by Dan, who also comes up with rules and is almost completely responsible for several of the filters.. Laurie comes up with rules and is almost completely responsible for some of the other filters (aside from the technical scripting stuff).

1. The filter says that it could not open the URL and that I should press back and try again. Why?
There are a few possibilities - the first and most likely is that the server that you are trying to visit is down or that the file no longer exists. Try viewing it without the filter.
Another possibility is that the page that you're viewing requires a cookie to be set. Unfortunately there is no way of which I know to fix this problem right now.

2. Some of the images on the page I'm viewing seem oddly-sized or don't show up at all. What gives?
If the images seem oddly-sized it is most likely that the author of the page forgot to specify width and height tags in his or her html. The amount of work to make the filter go check the size that the actual image is supposed to be would be far more than is worthwhile. It's good html practice to enter the width and height tags anyway. You should write the author of the offending page and request that he/she take the extra few minutes to add the tags.
If the images don't appear at all there are a few potential reasons.
One of the most common is that the img tag in the html was different than what the filters are expecting. They should work with 99% or more of the html out there, but that still leaves some pages, unfortunately that do not work. Please feel free to mail Dan with the address of the site you're trying to visit that has broken images.
The other possible cause for broken image tags is that you have entered an url that ends in a directory name but have not ended it in a forward slash. For instance, entering the address of the m/sp goth/rivet page as "" will probably cause some broken images. Entering it properly with "" will result in fewer broken images.

3. The xcool filter doesn't seem to work. Every time I use it I just go to the site of some guy named Seanbaby.
Hmm... you should try it again. It seems to hiccup every now and then and start doing that. If that behavior continues you should just go through Seanbaby's site. It's one of the coolest and funniest sites on the net.

4. Are Ethel and Dan dating?
No way! Of course not. While Ethel keeps begging Dan to date her, he refuses every time. (note from Dan: it's good to be the one the only one with write access to the faq file. heh heh heh)

5. I have a great idea for a filter! How do I submit it?!
Either sign the guestbook or fill out the filter suggestion form. Include your email address and you'll get credit for the idea when the filter is done. Please note, however, that not every filter suggested will be done. Some ideas, while they sound really neat, are actually very difficult to do (well) and time is limited.

6. Dan is strapping. I wanna get wit' his thang.
Who doesn't? Feel free to submit some pictures and a brief essay on why you feel you're worthy of Dan's consideration. Please feel especially free to do so if you're a skinny, intelligent gothy female. Thank you.

7. People are viewing my site through your filters. It really annoys me and I want them to stop. Can you exclude my site?
While it is possible for me to write in some code to exclude certain sites I'm just not going to do it. I can see no good reason that you or anybody else should care if your site is being viewed through the filters. At least somebody's looking at your site. Oh yeah. Stop whining.

8. How did you write the filters?
The filters are all written in php. They're entirely made with built-in php functions. If you'd like to write your own filters and have any technical difficulties, feel free to mail Dan. He's a super genius and can probably set you straight.

9. I have an image or suggestion that I think would just plain kick ASS in one of your existing filters. Would you include it?
Hell yeah - as long as we think it's funny. Send it our way to Dan or Laurie. Please warn before sending a picture, though. Thanks.