I must admit that River City Ransom is not a game that I played often. In fact I barely ever played it at all. Though on one of the two occasions that I rented it while randomly trying cheat codes I found this one - a variation on the popular Konami code (Up-Down-Up-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A-Start)...


Imagine my shock when all of the characters were not only naked, but shouting filthy come-on lines and making juvenile sexual references. I find myself wondering if this game was programmed by a group of 13-year old Beavis and Butthead fans all sitting around their computer shouting "Yeah yeah! Make her naked! This is cool." Even more disturbing, though, is that while everyone is naked they are still essentially sexless. Zooming in on the pictures reveals a disturbing lack of sexual organs of any kind.

[Knocked Down] [I think we all know what comes next]
[Roxy makes her true feelings known] [What the...?]

All captures done by Seanbaby


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