As a young teenager the Legend of Zelda was one of my favorite games. I spent literally tens of hours in front of the television with my great big black book of Nintendo game information and game maps next to me. My excitement when I finally got the silver sword knew no bounds. With every piece of the Triforce that I gathered my life was somehow just a little more complete. When I finally defeated Gannon at the end of the first mission and rescued Princess Zelda I shed a single tear of joy, I was so moved.

Then tragedy struck again. I found there was a second mission in which Gannon had come back (apparently due to a shoddy slaying on my part at the end of the first mission). Once again he had stolen the princess, but he had subtly rearranged the dungeons. Vowing to make sure Gannon was good and DEAD this time I strapped on my sword and shield again and ventured out into the land of Hyrule.

Imagine my surprise when in the seventh dungeon when I accidentally hit the old man in one of the rooms and instead of his normal reaction of shooting fireballs at me his clothing disappeared and he began making lewd comments to Link. I was so scarred by the experience that I instantly hit reset and sat there on the carpet in front of my parents' TV sobbing madly.

The following screenshots are presented as documentation of this games horrible, filthy nature.

[The Initial Nudity][The First Come-On Line][You Must Be Kidding!]
All captures done by Seanbaby


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