So you'd like to create your own template, eh?

You're in luck. It really couldn't be too much easier than it is.
Here's how to do it:
1) Take what you'd like to filter and put it into a text file.
2) Go through the file replacing words with appropriate P-Lib keywords (covered later)
Note: keywords can also go inside of words. For instance, @nouns should produce a plural noun and @verbing or @verbed should produce the appropriate tense of the verb and @adjcly should create and adverb.
3) Submit the file to Dan
4) Get some exercise. You're getting chubby.
5) Within a few days your amazing template should be in place and ready for you to enjoy! Play with it and tell all of your friends about the site.

KeywordPart of speech
@bodyPart of the Body

Please note also that you can somewhat control the case of the words that will be used to replace the keywords. If the keyword is entirely lower-case the case of the word used will not be changed. If the first letter is capitalized the first letter of the resultant word will also be capitalized. If the entire keyword is capitalized the replacement word will also be all entirely capitalized.
For example if the keyword were "@verb" and the replacement word were "piddle" the following would be possible:
@verb would become "piddle"
@Verb would become "Piddle"
@VERB would become "PIDDLE"

Sound easy enough? Good. I figured you'd get it. Now get cracking on those templates and send them my way.