To be fair some of these may not be as rant-like as the name might imply. In the end it will probably be a bit closer to an online diary, but not exactly an online diary. Mostly this is just a dumping ground for all the times when there's something I really want to say on my webpage, but that don't really fit anywhere else.

I give up! It's a journal, not a section to rant.
I've moved my online journal to livejournal. All further updates can be read there.

Current rants:

4/13/2001 - I am in great pain. Biking == evil.
2/8/2001 - Killing time.
1/30/2001 - Big bunch of updates.
12/22/2000 - Gloating about my wireless network.
11/30/2000 - Snowboarding, the devil, and more.
11/9/2000 - Long update
9/6/2000 - Rambling about music, etc.
9/3/2000 - Big storm.
8/29/2000 - Bought my house.
8/14/2000 - Weekend recap, house closing, and feelings on an icky situation.
8/11/2000 - Just an update, for those of you reading this.
7/31/2000 - Boring weekend recap.
7/28/2000 - Sushi and Einstuerzende Neubauten
7/22/2000 - Pleasant Saturday at home
7/20/2000 - Amusement from BeBS
7/18/2000 - Just saw "Loser"