How unfortunate. I finally got ahold of my friend in Pennsylvania and for reasons beyond either of our control, my trip out there to go to Cedar Point had to be rescheduled again. Hopefully this time it will work since it's the last weekend that Cedar Point is open this year. I was pretty unhappy with the news and afterward listened to "Gloomy Sunday" from the Diamanda Galas album "The Singer" and wallowed in self pity for the length of the song. Then I went on with my life. Diamanda Galas is without a doubt one of my favorite artists. Her "performance art" is intense beyond belief (in the best possible way). And her voice, when she actually sings, actually makes me feel as if the hair on the back of my neck is standing on end. As the album's name would imply, "The Singer" is the latter. She sings a number of spirituals, some Willie Dixon songs, and even does a Screamin' Jay Hawkins cover. It's an amazing album and I think everyone should own a copy.

And as if you weren't probably bored enough already with me babbling about the music I like...
My first ebay purchase arrived yesterday, intact. I am pleased. I bought a copy of Faith No More's "We Care a Lot," to replace the CD I lost. It's out of print now and I wasn't able to locate it anywhere locally. It's difficult to say which is my favorite Faith No More album of all time, but WCAL is definitely in the running. It's their first album and it has more of a raw garage band sound than any of their other albums (including Introduce Yourself which had the same singer, Chuck Mosley). But the weird fusion of styles that shows up best in "The Real Thing" is definitely still there in "We Care a Lot."
The pictures of the band on the back of the CD are pretty hilarious to me as well. Mike Bordin's dreadlocks either aren't there or are cut off by the back of the picture and he's wearing a great big hat that's bigger than the rest of his head. In profile he looks quite a bit like Rowan Atkinson. Next is Roddy Bottum trying to look tough, but succeeding only in pursing his lips and looking like he's about to say something. Chuck Mosley actually doesn't look too dumb at all. Jim Martin is pictured before he grew his hair long, grew a goatee, and would only be photographed wearing his red sunglasses. Instead, he looks a little like Screech from Saved by the Bell, complete with a great big 'fro. Last is Bill Gould who probably wasn't too dorky at the time the album was released, but now represents part of the worst fashion of the 80's. He's wearing a cowboy hat, a long earring, and (in a way) looks like he should have been starring with the two Corey's in a fun 80's teen movie. Then he could hang out with the two Corey's now, drinking orange juice spiked with cough syrup, and bitterly reminiscing how the industry cast them aside.
Anyway, the music on the album is probably not for everyone. As I said, it does have a real garage band sound and feel to it. I certainly didn't like the album very much when I first bought it, but every time I listened to it, it appealed to me just a little more until eventually it was (and is) one of my favorites. Chuck Mosley knows that his voice isn't the best in the world ("Over the hills they came from the valleys making innuendos about my lack of talent... Oh well!"). If you decide to get it, though, don't just put it away or sell it after the first listen thinking I steered you wrong. Listen to it a few more times and see if you end up liking it as much as I do.

I really am enjoying my new house. The neighborhood is quiet, my unpacking is progressing nicely, and it's located within about 10 miles of anything I want to do. The furthest thing away is the nearest Bally's which is 7.something miles according to Mapquest. Otherwise there is a Flameburger just a few miles away on Central (I love greasy spoons and there's a cute waitress that flirts with me) and a Cheapo just a little past that. For those of you not in Minnesota, Cheapo are our local chain of used CD shops. They also tend to carry a better variety of new music (at not the best prices) than most of the large chains. There's a White Castle not too far away as well. Oh, now that I think about it, I think the nearest big movie theater may be more than 10 miles away, which is unfortunate, but I haven't been seeing very many movies in the theater lately anyway.

My life is pretty much in order now, I think. A girlfriend would be nice, but she'd have to be a girlfriend who didn't demand too much of my time because I've actually been doing a pretty good job of working on my projects lately and I'd like to keep that up.

In short, life is pretty good right now.