Well how do you like that? I'm updating this journal and it hasn't even been a month yet.

At the end of my last entry I was considering taking advantage of the cheap fares to Austin through Northwest airlines, but I don't think that's going to work out. One of the people I know in Austin basically flaked out on me and the other is extremely busy at work due to the holiday rush (not to mention that since I really only know her from a flurry of about 10 emails back and forth I'd feel weird imposing on her for the entire time I was in town). It's no big deal. I hadn't bought my tickets yet. Instead I'm going to try to go hiking sometime in January. I have to start getting in shape for it. I got the frame backpack that served me so well years ago from my parents' house and I plan to go hiking around various local parks in the next month and a half with friends while gradually increasing the amount of weight in the pack. I figure that if I can work up to 60-80 lbs. in the pack and go 4-5 miles that'll probably be enough to get me ready to carry 20-40 lbs (I'm not sure how much the pack will weigh when packed, but I feel that's reasonable as a guess) for 8-9 miles. It'll certainly be better than the first time I went hiking and just threw a pack on my back and went. That was a long week as I also didn't think to ask what kind of trail food was being provided. Since I'm mostly carnivorous, the food was not exactly to my liking. I got by, though, and still had a great time, so I'm thinking that this time if I'm better-prepared and have some food that I like I'll be totally set.

I will make it out of Minnesota for a vacation one of these days, I swear.

A couple of weeks ago I asked out one of my better female friends. The situation was a little awkward since I'm also good friends with her ex-boyfriend. She took a day to think about it and turned me down the next day. I completely respect the way she did it. She simply told me that she'd prefer that way stay friends and that she does think I'm cool and left it at that. There was no bullshit. It was quick and simple, we're still friends, and I respect her. I don't know if she feels awkward in my presence now (she isn't the most vocal of people), but as far as I am concerned we're cool. I am, unfortunately, still very attracted to her, but I can deal with that now that there isn't the nagging curiosity about what would happen.

I've been slacking off on my exercise regimen for the last week and a half or so. I came down with a horrible cold last week and it really wiped me out. Just as I was recovering from IT, it was the day when my friend Nikki and I were going to learn to snowboard. Snowboarding was lots of fun even though we were both terrible at it. I fell down a lot and developed lots of interesting new bruises. When I got home that night I was so stiff and so in pain that I decided not to go through with skiing the next day for Aimee's birthday. My resolve was further strengthened when I started playing with Tetris Attack on an SNES emulator and suddenly it was 4am. That made the prospect of waking up at 8 for skiing extremely unplesant. Anyway, at 9:30 the sound of many people pounding on my door (and bedroom window!) woke me up. It was Matt and Dylan who informed me that I had no choice in the matter. I was going skiing. I groggily agreed and stumbled down the stairs to get my skiing clothes. Skiing was great. The pain in my legs (esp. the knees) was barely existent, but when I had to push myself along with the poles it sucked since my wrist hurt from the day before. I started to learn to turn without snowplowing and tried to take some of the hills with a little more grace than my previous "bomb the hill" tactics. I no longer seem able to do black diamond hills, but if I go a couple more times I'll probably be there.

Monday a friend and I were supposed to start a martial arts class, but she didn't have the money handy which was for the best since I was so sore anyway. I'm finally feeling all better tonight, but I think it's getting too late to go for a swim. Oops. That's what I get for putting in a movie as soon as I get home from work.