Once again, I update my diary without a month passing. I am so on top of things.

This is a historical entry in this online journal (of sorts). I'm making this entry from a computer which (at the moment) has absolutely no cables at all plugged into it! A few weeks ago at work my group got a bunch of Lucent WaveLAN cards and today I splurged a bit and bought myself an Apple Airport base station for home. So far things are working impressively. One can't get much more comfortable than I am right at the moment either as I sit ready for bed with my little lamp next to me and Cabaret Voltaire on the stereo. I don't know how long the battery in my laptop is going to last, but I think that running an ssh session will be among the least draining things I could do (no disk access, etc).

Yesterday was a strange day at work and I'm not sure how to feel about it yet. On one hand, one of my better friends at work lost his job due to some personality conflicts with a few people. That's a major negative. On the other hand, I received a fairly major "salary adjustment" and I'm thrilled with it. Before it, I had plenty of money to live every month and some extra for fun and games. Now I have even more extra money every month (don't worry if you're reading this, mom, I will be sure to sav SOME of it). This salary adjustment was the major impetus for buying the airport today. I felt almost as if I had to buy something to celebrate. I'm such a good little consumer.

In non-computer news, I've made it to 3 Capoeira classes before and I'm still terrible at it. I'm sure that in time, though, this is something that I can master. And if not, I've been having a lot of fun in class despite how inept I am. I've now successfully dragged along one of my coworkers as well as Leslie to class. In the first evening of class Leslie hairline fractured her knee and pulled a ligament (I think - I know she hurt herself pretty badly) and I was sore for a few days after. I didn't make it to class at all this week. I definitely will next week, though.

Otherwise, kids, I'm afraid I have little to nothing to report. I've seen a few movies (see "Quills," skip "Dungeons and Dragons"), alienated an old friend, and worn my fancy boots twice. I think that's all for tonight, though. A friend has shown up to chat and I'm neglecting her horribly.

Goodnight, danarchy fans.