I was going to do some more work on the BBS Nostalgia section today, but my connection to my home computer has been up and down all day and it's really down now. Darnit.
While I wait for people to go down to the platform room with me at work I might as well scribble in here for a bit.

One of my coworkers just installed RootHat Linux on a box for another group because they want to use it to munch some logfiles and the checkpoint binaries are only for Linux and while they work in Linux emulation on FreeBSD, they're not "supported" so the group wants them on there.
He's currently trying to figure out why on a "normal install" it didn't install ping or traceroute. The rest of us are laughing at his pain. I'll just add that to the laundry list of reasons I don't like Linux (and I know that's a redhat-ism, but really, most people are talking about RH when they're talking about Linux).

Last night I went over to Aimee and Dylan's and watched a part of the movie "Before the Rain." The hour or so of the movie that I saw before falling asleep was pretty good. I think Aimee woke me up a couple of times, but I kept falling back asleep until about 1:30 when I finally got the hint and went home. I think she said something about me talking in my sleep. I will have to mail her to see what kind of profound things I was saying. On the way home I had been planning on stopping to get some salt to throw all over my driveway to avoid another unfortunate "car stuck on chunk of ice" incident like happened last night when I went home. I spent 2 hours chopping away at ice under the car, destroying a shovel, and pouring hot water on the ice under the car trying to melt it away a bit before someone with a pickup truck showed up and gave me a push. Provided the plows don't make another pass of my alley before I get home tonight I should be OK.

My quest to get rid of some of the computers at my house is coming to an end. I think that as long as I can get Windows installed on them, I'm going to give Christian and Ursula their computers tomorrow. While they're not top-of-the-line, they should be good enough to get them online. I'll probably set up Christian's Compaq as some sort of NAT gateway with a modem hanging off it (provided I can figure out pppd - which I have faith that I can) so they can share an internet connection. Whee.

I think that's all for today. Someone wants me to look into something.
Later, Danarchy fans.