I should have written this yesterday when everything was still fresh in my mind. No big deal. I think I should still be able to create a somewhat coherent reconstruction of the events of Wednesday evening.

My favorite band, Einstuerzende Neubauten (as if you couldn't tell from my big geeky fanboy domain name) was in town. Last time Neubauten toured the US a couple of friends and I saw them in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Chicago on three consecutive nights. It was a great trip and surprising as well, as I found that I got along with Keri, where in high school we regarded each other with casual hatred.
This year Keri wanted to go see them in Chicago again, but I just couldn't convince myself that it made sense to drive 6 hours to Chicago to see them and drive back the same day (one of the other people that would have gone absolutely needed to be back the next day for work). 12 hours of driving for 3 hours of entertainment just doesn't strike me as a smart thing to do. I guess I'm just not as dedicated to the band as I once was. Still, though, there's nothing that could have prevented us from seeing them in Minneapolis. Nothing.
I met Keri and her roommate, Tina, at their place at 6:30. The show didn't start until 9, but a group of friends was meeting at Ichiban's beforehand for the all-you-can-eat sushi buffet. It's pricy at $28, but the sushi is excellent and I'm not sure if I ate quite $28 worth, but I came close. When we got there, the buffet was full so the 12 people in the group had to wait. Keri and Tina decided it was more expensive than they wanted to spend so they just stayed in the bar, as did Ursula, who decided there wasn't enough vegetarian fare to suit her. I'd agree fully. Vegetarians be warned. Sushi buffets probably aren't for you. Also Christian and I split a bottle of sake. I'd never had it before and the first two cups almost made me throw up. I don't like the taste of alcohol at all and usually kill it off with orange juice. I am a girl drink drunk. It didn't help that my stomach was already beginning to revolt at the large amounts of raw fish being dumped into it. Normally when I have sushi it's only a few pieces. It'll learn. However by the third or fourth cup, the sake didn't taste so bad, and by the last cup (I think 7 or 8?) I could have drunk it with impunity.
Don't let me mislead you into thinking that 7 or 8 cups was a lot. The cups, in this case, were about the same size as shot glasses. I'm a real lightweight when it comes to drinking and I was only mildly buzzed when we left (it probably also helped that I was drinking on a full stomach).
When we got to First Avenue, I immediately started seeing friends and plowed on in. I guess that was a mistake because Keri's roommate, Tina, had forgotten to bring her ID and decided to go home. They hadn't paid attention to where we parked (about a block from where they were standing and easily visible from that location) so Keri yelled at me when she got in. I didn't feel bad at all. I was thrilled before the show to see so many people that I know and like. One of the advantages of being a hermit is that it allows one to reflect on which people one really would like to see. In other words the people that one would like to see when one does go out. In fact, almost immediately upon entering I saw Aimee and Dylan. Aimee and Dylan are great. Aimee's organizational skills are consistently impressive to me. I fear the day that I'm involved with a cause that Aimee is against. Both of them are possessed of the no-bullshit type of honesty that I really appreciate as well.
Anyway, the opening act was not a band at all. It was a local theater group who is putting on a production of Heiner Mueller's "Die Hamletmaschine." I understand why they were chosen as an opening act for Neubauten as Blixa participated in a previous production (and there is a CD available through EGO). However the play was completely inappropriate. People came to watch an exciting industrial band beat loudly on things. I felt kind of bad for the people putting on the play. They looked like they were working so hard, but almost nobody was paying them any attention. I didn't feel so bad, though, that I didn't feel that it was fully appropriate to heckle them with my friends, suggesting that Christian should pee on them from the balcony. He refused, but suggested that it would be funnier for him to run around among them peeing everywhere, screaming "It won't stop! It won't stop!" then when it did stop, looking down and saying, "Oh."
Finally, the tedious opening act was gone. Keri and I promptly moved up to the stage and staked out some spots right up against the stage just to the right of the center. Finally, about a half hour later, Neubauten took the stage.
God DAMN, Neubauten put on a good live show. The band looked more fit this time than last time and were definitely more energetic. Keri and I were both really sad that they didn't play Headcleaner, but NNNAAAMMM and Haus der Luege were both incredible. Installation N1 was amazing. I left the concert feeling content and inspired. Keri and I both were feeling hot from standing up front so we went outside shortly after the show. ARRGH. What a mistake! I guess the band let a number of people backstage to party with them and two different people both looked for me to drag me back, but I was already outside by then. I will be kicking myself for some time. Anyway, Keri got Tina to come retrieve us and I went home.

and then a giant robot came out of nowhere and beat the crap out of us.