This week I wasn't very successful at being a hermit, but overall I'd say it was a good week.

On Monday and Tuesday I spent some time hanging out with my neighbor, Lisa. She's really cool and I have the occasional crush on her. She's attractive, intelligent, and an amazing visual artist to boot. But usually those crushes end up with the conclusion that we probably don't have enough in common to work as a couple. Sometimes I think she wants me to make a move or ask her out, but frankly, I'm not certain enough. I know I tend to develop crushes pretty easily and lately those I have pursued have all turned out pretty badly. That's one of the reasons I decided to be a hermit. I'm a lot better-balanced mentally when I'm on my own. And if I'm not meeting new girls with whom things would be doomed to failure or seeing failed crushes I think it'll be better for me.

It'll also give me some time to "improve" myself. I'm a bit chubbier right now than I'd like to be. I weigh about 50 lbs. more than when I was on swim team. That has the side effect of both making me less attractive and making me feel less attractive. I signed up for a Bally's membership and have even used it once. I just need to get back into swimming and I can start watching the pounds melt away. Maybe I'll go tonight. Anyway, I've also finally given up (somewhat) on teaching myself stained glass. It was coming along pretty nicely, but I signed up for a class anyway. I want to make sure I'm doing stuff right after a friend in a stained glass class told me I was using my glass grinder incorrectly. And things are progressing fairly well on me making my own MIDI instruments. A friend came over the other day and taught me how to solder stuff onto circuitboards. It was just as easy as I'd been led to believe.

This morning I handed off the oncall pager to the next victim at work. Now that I've completed my first week of being oncall and other than having a bunch of pages Friday night and sleeping through a page a few nights ago it went fine. And for the page I missed an insomniac coworker happened to be checking his mail and took care of things. I still owe him a lunch for that.

Otherwise, things are going pretty much as usual. I recently bought a house and I'm still very excited about that. I still have some paperwork to do and some homebuyer classes to attend next week and after that I should be all set. I close on the 18th. Then I have 2 weeks to be out of my apartment before the first. I'm glad to be leaving. It sounds like the new landlords are going to be raising the rent really high soon and they barged into my apartment the other day for some reason. I was still asleep and someone woke me up saying they'd called the day before to let me know they were coming. Now when people wake me up I tend not to be the most pleasant person in the world, especially if it's for work or other things that normally I wouldn't completely anticipate. I bitterly responded, "No you didn't! What are you doing?!" and they apologized and left. I think I scared them... a half-naked guy sleeping on a couch, listening to Laibach (I always have music playing when I sleep if I can), with lots of electronic stuff scattered on a table from when my friend was teaching me to solder. Then later in the afternoon I left a nasty message for the landlord telling him that I would appreciate an actual call in advance before my privacy is invaded next time.

Anyway, that's all for now. Maybe I'll add some more later.