My Trip to Graceland with Jesus

3/20/2001 - Introduction and setup

It's the night before I leave and I'm almost finished with the stuff I do the night before I travel. I've done every bit of laundry in my house and set just slightly more clothes than are required in the luggage I'll be taking with me. I've begun putting together the CD's that will be taken on the trip (carefully avoiding doubles of the CD's that "Jesus" will be bringing). I've found my portable CD player and the car power adapter that goes with it. Soon I will plug my Minidisc recorder into the wall and look up the local dial-up numbers for each of the places that we'll be staying along the way so I can check my email and put in up to the minute updates here.

I should probably explain "Jesus." The other participant in this car trip was not terribly enthralled with the idea of having her name or picture on the Internet (much less associated with me) so I suggested that I could put a big black dot over her head in pictures. She said that she would prefer Mr. T and then changed her mind and suggested Jesus, both for the facial replacement and the name. I couldn't argue. A trip to Graceland with Jesus sounds like just about the coolest thing ever.